Podere La Branda BioAgriResort is situated along the Via Francigena in the La Branda locality of Vetralla, and is right at the foot of Mount Fogliano in the Viterbo Provence. The podere (farm) is in an ideal location for an agriculturist farm being only 10km from Lake Vico and 60km from the magnificent city of  Rome.

The beautiful towered Podere La Branda villa is surrounded by a magnificent park with secular trees that seem to speak to the moon and the stars at night. In this magical place, the ancient agricultural traditions of the noble Sansoni-Luzi families go back to the times of Viterbo’s pontifical state. And, those traditions have been recuperated and revalorized by a new generation of those families, a couple whose names are Giocchino and Antonella; they have founded their own family at the Podere. 

Today Podere La Branda BioAgriResort is comprised of more than 100,00 hectares of productive land situated between the towns of Vetralla, Nepi, and Capranica. The farm activities are orientated towards multi-functional agriculture and all of its produce is certified as “organic agriculture". The Podere is also a didactic farm (member of the order of didactic agri-farmers of the Viterbo Provence), an AIAB (Italian Association of Organic Agriculture) member,, and is enrolled in the Social Farms of Lazio Network. As well, the Podere collaborates in projects for the development of social farming conducted by the Department of Agrarian Economy, a part of the Faculty of Agrarian Studies at the Tuscia University.


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