Since the year 2000, Podere La Branda BioAgriResort has produced olive oil, hazelnuts, forages and vegetables on their properties in Vetralla and Nepi. Olive oil: our pure extra-virgin olive oil is obtained by the cold pressing of various olive varieties: Canino, Moraiolo, Leccino, Frantoio e Maurino that are cultivated at the on the land in the La Branda locality of Vetralla. The cultivation technique respects the CE (European Community) regulation 834/07 regarding biological agriculture and thus results in the production of a superior quality and authentic product free from pesticides. Since 2010, Podere La Branda BioAgriResort has received international recognition from overseas clients and has placed its biological oil on the American and Scandinavian markets. We advise clients to place their orders for the supply of biological oil before September each year so we can guarantee the quantity, bottling and packaging desired. During the months from May till October, we constantly monitor our olive groves to control for the principal enemy of the crop, the olive fly, the contributing weather conditions and the dynamics of the fly population. If necessary, we use marble powder and other products permitted by the reg. CE 834/07. As well, before commercialisation, the oil is controlled by a controlling authority for biological products (www. by doing an analysis to check for any eventual residues or accidental contamination. We also guarantee our oil by doing an early harvest (and bottling) that causes a smaller production of oil, but permits the conservation of its organic characteristics and a longer conservation time. The cold pressing of the olives and the immediate bottling are the last process in the production. Our extra-virgin olive oil, derived from organic agriculture and labelled 'Podere La Branda', is naturally turbid and tends to transform over time; first, it's an intense green, with a strong fruity aroma; then as it matures, the oil assumes a greenish-yellow colour and a tasty aromatic flavour. Thanks to its organic characteristics, our oil couples well both with grilled meat, exalting its flavour, and with fish, harmonizing with its delicate flavour. And, when recently pressed, its fruity flavour is perfect on a classical toasty 'bruschetta'.

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Hazelnuts: the variety is the 'Tonda Gentile Romana', typical of the Cimini foothills and used in sweets and creamy fillings or pastes. Vegetable Cultivation: we grow seasonal vegetables on the land situated in Vetralla for our restaurant and for selling to commercial businesses.


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