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Podere La Branda Bio Agri Resort will welcome up in a fair location, with spaces and rooms furnished with care and respect of the tradition; you'll be surprised by the unique tastes of our cookings, made with organic vegetables and products, all from Tuscia.
In the frame of the woods of Monti Cimini and olive groves of Tuscia with the backdrop of the beautiful sunsets on Forocassio...


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Organic farmhouse where Nature e Italian taste walk together

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At Vetralla, in the Italian region of Latium, on the slopes of Monte Fogliano, 10 km from Vico Lake and 60 km from Rome, along the Via Cassia and the ancient Via Francigena, has set itself the Organic Farm Holiday Podere La Branda. Organic products, outdoor activities, event, holiday accommodation in beautifully restored old houses.

Take a moment of relax and taste some genuine and original flavors by our organic cooking and with some open air activities

Agri Resort | Organic farmhouse
Agri Resort | Organic farmhouse

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Discover the genuine flavours of our organic farmhouse in Vetralla. Extra virgin olive oil, fresh vegetables and more over.