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A special location for events and parties and much more!

Dream about an outdoor location for your event or party? A ceremony, a date to remember or a particular event, you ‘d better surround in ther beauty and harmony of our gardens and flowered meadows. By our professionality in outdoor events, we’ll set up your event in each detail, as it will be a perfect one: from the starters to desserts, our organic food will surprise you and your guests. Live the magic experience of a special nature immersive event!

Location for events |Outdoor parties| Bio Agri Resort Podere La Branda
Location for events |Outdoor parties| Bio Agri Resort Podere La Branda

Podere La Branda, location for family events

Podere La Branda Bio Agri Resort offers an ideal ambient for family, with children, boys and girls; they can spend some fine days living outdoor and take part in some enviromental activities, just as some Family Days: organized for group. Family addicted, nature immersive days, to the discovery of the most important values: parents/children relationship and nature/man relation; a day to spend playing together and discovering the nature all around.

Discover the events by Podere la Branda for adults and children

Podere La Branda Bio Agri Resort is a Didactic Farm, too, and Residential Camp with WWF.

For all our Guests, we proose some excursion and trekking in the wonderful surroundings, in Tuscia, looking for some hidden sites and places

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