With the restyling of the website Podere La Branda comes online with a new image, in line with current digital standards in the world of Food. With the new Bio Store, it has chosen to give visibility on the web to the certified organic products that it has been producing and selling for several years.

The features of the restyling of the website of Podere La Branda

In the new website of Podere La Branda navigation is easy and intuitive, starting from a reorganized menu and enriched with content, which expresses in itself the new features of the site restyling:

  • In the “About us” section, as well as recounting the evolution of Podere La Branda, the social farming operations and the projects for integration into the local community are also highlighted.
  • The section “Wedding” tells all the services that Podere La Branda offers to future spouses interested in celebrating the function in a location surrounded by nature.
  • The new “Bio Restaurant” page allows the user to discover the gastronomic excellence of Podere La Branda, through an organic cuisine with 0 km products, to be enjoyed in a traditional and elegant environment in harmony with nature.
  • With the section “Hospitality” Podere La Branda presents the refined apartments obtained from ancient warehouses and related services, offering the possibility to request a quote for your stay.
  • The section “Events and activities” is enriched, promoting services dedicated to the organization of events and private or corporate outdoor parties. In addition, with initiatives such as educational farm, residential summer camps and hiking excursions in the surroundings of Tuscia, Podere La Branda proves to be the appropriate location for events aimed at adults and children.
  • Finally, is always updated section “News“, with all the news on events organized and scheduled Podere La Branda.

The new online Store of Podere La Branda

As an organic farm, Podere La Branda is certified Bioagricert since 2000 and a member of AIAB (Italian Association of Organic Agriculture): for years it has been involved in the production and sale of certified organic products such as EVO oil, vegetables, fruits, cereals that are transformed into compotes, creams and sauces to flavor sweet and savory dishes. With the brand new Bio Store, Podere La Branda takes advantage of the opportunities offered by the online sale of organic products, allowing users to order from the comfort of their homes and receive freshly picked produce directly to their doorstep, preserving all of its freshness and authenticity.

The website of Podere La Branda is user-friendly

In order to provide the best navigation to users, the contents of the site are concise and immediate. With the use of responsive technology the site is navigable from any device from which users connect.

Discover the restyling of the Podere La Branda website!

With the restyling of the website of Podere La Branda from today you can discover online all the services of the organic farm to organize your event, book a stay in a unique location and enjoy organic products, booking at the restaurant or buying on the Bio Store products that will be delivered comfortably at home.